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In a nutshell, The LinkDriver Dynamic Website Optimizer automatically navigates the far reaches of your web site and generates standard HTML compliant links to your dynamic web pages. These links can be read by the search engine spiders, or any other device not capable of traversing your dynamic web site. LinkDriver monitors your site in 'real-time' so that any changes you make to your dynamic web data is noticed and those changes are available to the search engines. This way your data always stays fresh and visible within the major search engines.

LinkDriver provides a friendly, browser-based set up application with which you can administer LinkDriver. This application is so simple that non-technical people can now repackage and optimize their web site (see LinkDriver Tutorial for more on how this works).

Your main goal: Drive more traffic to your web site

The main source of web traffic: Web users find 80% of sites via search engines

Your main problem: Search engine spiders usually cannot find products in dynamic databases thus the 'crown jewels' of most dynamic web sites are not in the search engines!

LinkDriver Solution: LinkDriver drives traffic directly to your company's 'crown jewels' - the product pages

  • Does not 'fool' the search engines
  • Avoids practices frowned on by search engines
  • LinkDriver "bridges the gap" by helping spiders find these pages
Accomplish all this without any programming!

Automated: Once you've taught LinkDriver how to find these key products, additional products added to the database are automatically linked.

Drive additional links into the search engines:

  • The more search engine links to your pages, the better your chances of being found
  • After creating new links to your key product pages, create additional links via new doorway pages without any programming
  • Package and group your products in all the potential ways your customers may search for them
A hotel chain first uses LinkDriver to create new links to each hotel property in the database of its site:
Then the chain creates additional doorway pages to resonate with users seeking only hotels with meeting space, family plans, pets, etc. For example:

Drive simplified links into the search engines:

  • Many links are very long and not "user friendly"
  • Create simplified links by shortening URLs
  • Create these simplified links dynamically (no programming or other changes required)
  • Easier for both computer and humans to read
  • People often look at a URL to see if it relates to the search they have performed a simple obvious one will attract more clicks.
This is a typical URL leading to a hotel property contained in the site's dynamic database (it contains a query string):
Then with LinkDriver, it could appear as:

Drive meaningful links into the search engines:

  • Most search engines list only a page's title and short description
  • Use LinkDriver to create meaningful links without any programming or other changes to your pages.
  • Create meaningful links by focusing page descriptions, tags)

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  • Easy Setup: Use a special browser to navigate your site, and show LinkDriver how your site is put together.
  • Automatic: Once LinkDriver is setup, it is automatic. Set it up and watch your site hits grow!
  • Alternate Collections of Metadata: Another powerful feature of LinkDriver is its use of alternate collections of metadata. Metadata is "data about data." In your web site's case, this includes the title, keywords, and site description. This metadata is normally contained in special portions of HTML documents and was intended for search engines and other web software to read. However, all search engines treat metadata differently, some ignore it, others have complex algorithms to use in conjunction with the content of the page. LinkDriver allows you to input a much larger set of metadata than is normally on a site. LinkDriver then intelligently picks the best metadata for a particular submission, to a particular search engine. This is NOT about spamming, but is about getting your pages properly placed for the content they have.
  • Dynamic Site Mapping: LinkDriver summarizes your site in a convenient site map, which can be very enlightening in itself.
  • Automated URL Naming Optimization: Most dynamic URLs are difficult to read by both humans and search engines. LinkDriver has a sophisticated interface for simplifying and optimizing URLs.
  • Automated Doorway Generator: One of the unique features of LinkDriver is its ability to generate any number
    of product listings or "doorways" for your site.
  • Updates Program: is always keeping abreast of changes in search engine submission policy. We can update your modules to keep them in tune with the volatile search engine landscape. 

  • Industry Specialization: LinkDriver has built in libraries of industry specific information (real estate, automobile parts, insurance, etc.) that it uses to better place your pages. 

How LinkDriver Modules Work

LinkDriver license includes two software modules:

1. LinkDriver Web Daemon Module

  • Small, efficient program sits on the Web server
  • Tuned to your operating system/server program
  • Controlled by IT department or hosting company

2. LinkDriver Administrator Module

  • Windows program built for marketing staff to use
  • Can be run anywhere, re-run as often as desired
  • Automatically finds new products in the database
  • Includes options for paid inclusions, placements
  • 128-bit security limits access to Web daemon
  • Automatically checks for LinkDriver updates
  • Built-in online help, downloadable user manual
System Requirements
  • LinkDriver Daemon Module works on Apache (Windows and Linux). Solaris and IIS version coming soon.
  • Browser based Administrator Module to LinkDriver settings runs on any Windows 98, 2000, ME, or XP system with IE installed on it.
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