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LinkDriver for Linux/Apache 1.3x 2-5 Server Licenses

Availability: Electronic Download

PROD# LA13-02     $4,000.00/ea


Includes two separate modules:
1. Server daemon - Resides on your server. Once setup, it will automatically navigate your web site and serve site doorway pages to search engine spiders. System requirements: Apache 1.3.x under Red Hat 7.0 and up or Mandrake 8.0 and up

2.Administrator Browser based interface to all daemon functions, allowing user to securely administer the LinkDriver daemon via the Internet. Allows user to fully optimize and package dynamic web sites.
Size: 740K

Administrator System requirements: Microsoft IE 5 or above must be installed on Administrator computer. Supported in Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Window ME.

Server System requirements: RedHat Linux 7.0 or later or compatible Linux build, at least 50MB free disk space, 32MB free RAM, root access for install.

Priced per physical server, unlimited CPUs.   
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